Purble Place 2023

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Purble Place 2023
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Purble Place 2023

Purble Place 2023 is the newest version of the famous creative game. Here you will find a lot of different mini-games that you can play for free. The plots of these mini-games are different, so try to find for yourself the one that is most to your liking. If you are fond of cooking, here you will be able to do it with great enthusiasm. The fact is that you will have the opportunity to prepare delicious cakes. In order to start cooking you will need to choose yourself what exactly you are going to cook. Each pastry has its own appearance and ingredients. The more levels you pass, the more difficult it will be to perform the buildings that are set before you. The faster you can bake a pie, the better the end result will be. This one came out back in 2007, but now it has been updated to be innovative and interesting.

How to play?

You can play this web version right now, so choose any pie and try to make it. There will be a lot of ingredients on the screen, as well as kitchen tools for making this delicious thing. The game is as bright and colorful as possible, so if you were in a bad mood before, it will obviously get better. In the other mini game, which is also here you will see beautiful and quirky dolls that also like to cook food. You can change their appearance.

  • Arrows - sing songs