FNF Mods

FNF Mods online are alternate versions of the original Friday Night Funkin game that feature various famous characters. Each of them will become your sparring partner in the music scene. You have to arrange a confrontation within the framework of a musical battle, and this is very interesting. You can play these wonderful games in your browser to fight without downloading them to your computer. You can run games on any popular browser like Google Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge and more. According to the plot, most often you will play for the main character, whose name is Boyfriend. In the first part of the FNF game, you have to fight the father of a girl named Girlfriend. Keep in mind that her father is very strict, so you will have to learn how to sing songs well. He is a rocker, so he knows a lot about music.

Help your Boyfriend become a better musician

BF is a typical teenager who is very in love due to his age, so he really liked GF. These kids are very stylish and you can see it in the music scene. The essence of each battle is to press the arrows on the keyboard with your fingers to rhythmic music. If you do this quickly and accurately hit the right arrows, you will definitely be able to win and, as a result, outplay the father of this girl.
In other Friday Night Funkin mods, you will have different opponents against you that you know well, so it will be interesting to fight against them. These can be monsters, the main characters from games, cartoons, as well as famous bloggers, and that's not all. The most famous heroes are, of course, Sonic, Whitty, Tankman and Garcello.

The most dexterous will win this battle

The developers have provided 2 game modes, so choose one of them and start your battle. The first mode is a free game where you have absolutely no competitive tension. The second mode is a turn-based game, so you will have to work hard to defeat all the musicians that will be against you. Keep in mind that in each mod there are many settings where you will have the opportunity to customize everything for yourself. It can be the level of difficulty, composition, quality and much more. Great news, because all the games that are on our site are fully unlocked, that is, they can be played right now online. The most convenient way to play Friday Night Funkin games is on a computer.