FNF D'lowing

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FNF D'lowing
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FNF D'lowing

FNF D'lowing is a new mod on the theme Friday Night Funkin in which you will have to face famous opponents on stage. This game is a remix of the famous mod FNF VS Impostor. There are many remixes of famous songs. All the songs that were previously you have probably already learned, so today you will encounter a lot of new remixes. So far you are only waiting for the demo version of this game, but later the full version of this long-awaited game will be released. You will play as Boyfriend, who already has a very long experience of confrontation against various famous heroes. There are two game modes: Freeplay and Story Mode. In addition to the new songs also in the fashion appeared new backgrounds on the battle scene. There are also new beautiful sprites that give the battles a unique atmosphere. As opponents will be against you yellow and gray impostor. Also a bonus guest in this mod will be Chara from Undertale.

How to play?

The gameplay is very simple and it is no different from other FNF mods you may have played before. Among Us-themed mods have become very popular with this musical game series. In each game mode, you can choose a song as well as an opponent to fight against. In order to successfully sing songs you will need to press the keyboard arrows in time and aptly. They will fall on you from top to bottom, and you will need to timely and accurately manage to click on them.

What are some of the new songs?

  • Yarlow
  • D'lowing
  • Blackout
  • Lemon Lime
  • Monsters
  • Arrows - Sing songs