Simulator Games

Before you is the most diverse category of games on the entire site. This is how you probably guessed the simulator games, because here you can reincarnate in absolutely any character in the world. If you want to be someone who you have never been in your life, here you can do it. Become a real driver, a doctor or a musician. Also, you can reincarnate into any kind of animal, so just choose the right game and start playing. All games that are here, are completely free, you do not need to download them to your computer. We've put together only the best simulators, where a suitable game for yourself, both boy and girl. You'll be able to explore the world without leaving your apartment, because if you become a tiger or elephant, you'll be able to see the world very differently. The dangers that you didn't feel before as a human will be waiting for you.

What possibilities do you have in the simulations?

You have limitless possibilities in simulation games, because the world in which you live in reality has limitations. Here, when you become a doctor, you can help people get better, even if in reality you have not studied in medical school. Can't play the guitar? Not a problem, because here you are sure to learn how to play the beautiful melodies of famous musicians. Choose any profession and become at least virtually in it a real professional. If as a child, you dreamed of getting behind the wheel of a sports car or an incredibly fast motorcycle, then choose the appropriate game, and then you can drive on the roads at high speed. Spend your time in a very fun and educational way. The simulators located on this page will definitely make you better.

Develop human skills virtually

If you do not possess huge muscles and always wanted to become a real heavyweight, but you have shyness to go to the gym, it is not a problem. Choose a game in which you will gradually transform your body on special machines. From this you will find that it is quite simple and it will definitely motivate you to become an athlete in real life as well. If you want you can even become a god, and you do not hear that, you can really choose to simulate God and rule over the whole world - you only need your desire. Have a good time!