Teacher Simulator

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Teacher Simulator
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Teacher Simulator

Here is another game from the category of teacher simulator. According to the plot, this teacher is already pretty fed up with her behavior. It so happened that the teacher was very annoying with her humiliation and physical abuse of students at school. One little girl decided to avenge all the deeds of the teacher. It so happened that the teacher settled not far from our beloved little student. You snuck into her large house, consisting of 15 rooms, and began to restore order there, waiting for the antagonist. You are required to do everything to annoy this terrible teacher as much as possible. It is very important while walking around the building to make sure that Miss T does not notice you. She constantly walks in different directions around her house, so always be on the lookout.

How to play?

Very simple, you just need to click on start and the gameplay will quickly begin. You must clearly understand that during the game it is sometimes scary, so if you are not ready for such scenarios, then it is better not to play. Walking through the building, you will collect various useful items that can later be used to pretty annoy the old woman. Ultimately, your main task will be to escape from home.

  • Mouse - action
  • Arrow keys - move
  • Spacebar - jump
  • R - reload
  • G - Change weapon
  • F - pick up item
  • Left Shift - Run
  • CTRL - crouch
  • X - lie down