Mr Tomatos

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Mr Tomatos
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Mr Tomatos

A very interesting game in which you will need to spend time together with a living tomato. You must understand that Mr. Tomato will want different food, so you will need to offer him what he wants. Sometimes it will be ordinary food, and sometimes a mixture of food - the needs will be completely different. Happy people need family, friends, money, hobbies and much more. In order for the tomato that is in front of you to become happy, it needs a lot of different foods. When the products run out, you can go to the store, because there you can definitely find something new and useful. The screen will contain a counter of points that you have earned during the gameplay, so control this number.

How to play?

To start playing you will need to go to the grocery store. In the menu you will find the possibility of purchasing products, so take care of this before starting the gameplay. Do not forget that there is an indicator of anger, which is also calculated in a digital dimension. The game is very simple and fun, so we wish you good luck!

  • Mouse - action