Red Ball 4 Volume 1

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Red Ball 4 Volume 1
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Red Ball 4 Volume 1

Everyone's favorite game is about a red ball that decided to fight a black square. Who will win this time? Recently, danger loomed over the kind and very bright world where the red ball lives, because a black square attacked it. Your task is to help the main character defend the right to live in a beautiful world. During the passage of levels, you will need to ride in nature, and collect gold stars that are scattered around the perimeter. It is important to understand that there will be many difficulties on your way that will greatly complicate your passage. These can be monsters, as well as various abysses and hills that are difficult to overcome. This game can be played without a flash player, and it is very pleasing.

How to play?

The game Red Ball 4 Volume 1 is very simple, but interesting, because you will need to ride around the clearing and collect stars. By moving the ball, you will have to make jumps to overcome difficulties on your way. There are many levels in the game, but it is important to understand that the further you go, the more difficult the missions will be in the future. The gameplay will be accompanied by cheerful music that will greatly cheer you up. Good luck!

  • Arrows - move