Gacha Games

For those who love games for girls, Gacha Life games are perfect, because here you will create your own characters of different genders. This game was created in 2018, and the company that created it is called - Lunime. In this section you will see many mods on the theme of Gacha Life, where you will have to create your own character, paint black and white pictures, and take part in adventures, where you will face a lot of enemies on your way. During gameplay you'll need to work on making the doll you create look as creative as possible. Work on the image of the character, and this is primarily shoes, pants, skirt, accessories, headgear, as well as many other elements. All games that are located on this page are available online, so they do not need to be installed on your computer.

Dress up in Gacha Life.

The main point of all the games here is to pick up a beautiful image for the local characters. All graphics are made in the style of anime, so if you are a fan of this beautiful genre of movies, you should definitely like this game. In the game there are thousands of different styles for the characters, so you have a great opportunity to try them on right now. The whole game is made in the RPG genre, so you will have to interact a lot with other people. Have dialogues with them, negotiate what's good for you. Look for your loyal friends, with whom it will be easier for you to create a perfect virtual world. The story you create will in any case be unique and unique, so think it through for the smallest detail.

Studio to create the perfect character.

There is a special button in the menu through which you can enter the creative studio. If you figure it out, you can find many different options for how you can dress your character. In addition to clothes you will also have a great opportunity to choose a pet for your character. It may be a cat, a dog, or other animals, there are even those, that don't exist in the real world. Choose any background you like the most, there are a lot of them and they all have different themes. Experiment with your hair, change its color, style, and length. It is important that they look as well groomed and beautiful as possible. Also, don't forget about the other features that are available in the creative studio, because it is through them that you will be able to make your creativity even more advanced.