Amanda the Adventurer Games

Amanda the Adventurer Games is a set of all parts of the famous horror game in which Amanda poses a danger to Wooley the sheep. The plot of the game starts very innocuous and even boring. The protagonist of the game decided to get in his attic to see what is happening there. In fact, there is nothing going on for years and it seems that there is only dust. Suddenly the protagonist found some old VHS tapes. It was very interesting to find out what was on them. It turned out that there were old cartoons, which no one had watched for a long time. A total of 3 tapes were found, so now there is clearly something to watch. When you turned on the cartoon, you immediately began to slowly remember the familiar plot. This cartoon seemed harmless to you as a child and even very kind and cute. People say that in fact the plot of Amanda the Adventurer is horrible, and it is clear only if you are very attentive.

In the game you are required to use your logical thinking. During the plot of the game you will have to solve a lot of different problems. In the main roles will be the girl named Amanda, and also her friend named Wooly. In the first series it may seem that their friendship is absolutely sincere. They go out together, relax and even have fun. They have plans together, but only a few little things can give the impression that there is something strange about Amanda's actions. The second series already gives the impression that Wooley is in danger, so you have to try to take some actions in order to save the sheep. According to the plot of the third series, it becomes quite clear that Amand is not really what he pretends to be, so it is important to urgently save the sheep, because it is in great danger. The page has a full version of the game, so you can play it in your browser.

On this page you will find absolutely different mods on the theme of Amanda the Adventurer online. All three episodes of this horror game are located here. You will also find games where Amanda is visiting Boyfriend in the game Friday Night Funkin. Try to play all the games from this category, because each of them is a special interest. Keep in mind that this game is from the category of horror, so if you are afraid and not ready for sharp adventures, it's better not to play. All games can be played online and without downloading to your computer. Have a good time!