Amanda the Adventurer

Ratings: 8 (average 3.9 from 5)
Amanda the Adventurer
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Amanda the Adventurer

People who love horror games will definitely be very satisfied with Amanda the Adventurer. This is an original game based on the plot of this popular game. You will play as the main character who has climbed into the attic. Why he went to the attic, you will know later. At first glance, the game may seem very simple and not even too interesting. During the search the protagonist could find an old dusty VHS cassette. Immediately from the hero's memory the main character was able to remember that he had watched this cartoon on tape as a child. This cartoon had previously seemed very harmless and kind to him. When you put this tape in, you saw that there, the main characters would be a girl named Amanda, also her faithful friend a sheep named Wooley. This cartoon is very old, but you immediately began to slowly recall its plot. Previously, you didn't realize at all that Amanda's friendly image is actually just a deceptive image. In fact, in this complete game you can find out what Amanda's intentions towards Wooley really are.

How to play?

It's very easy to play, but you should be aware that the game's plot is scary, so be prepared for that. You found a total of 3 tapes in the attic, so it's crucial that you now review them all to find out what the real plot message of this cartoon is. In the first tape the plot is more or less normal, without any extremes, so you will not have suspicions. In the story you will have to go to the market and buy apples in order to bake an apple pie, although the sheep is allergic to it. In the second tape everything is more suspicious. You will need to go to the butcher for meat, this is already creepy, so you start to get scared. Next, it gets even creepier, so we advise you to watch all three tapes to see how it ends.

  • Mouse - action.
  • 1-9 - action #2