Choo Choo Charles

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Choo Choo Charles
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Choo Choo Charles

Before you a very scary game called Choo Choo Charles, which you can play online and completely free. The plot of this game is very surprising. You get to a mysterious island, the island at first glance there is no one and nothing. A little later it turns out that this is an erroneous opinion, because there are a lot of trains. Worst of all, they will rapidly run after you like spiders. One of the most famous trains that decided to chase you will be Charles. It will be very difficult for you to escape from this place, because all possible escape routes have been destroyed. So you have one very simple option - to run away very fast. You have a simple weapon to put up resistance. Take out your weapons and start fighting just to survive. Some trains are guarded by three glowing eggs.

How to play?

The game is very simple and your main character will be an ordinary person. Walk around an area where there are many trains. As a rule, they are all standing, but some of them are able to move along the rails. At the location where the main events will develop, you will sometimes meet different characters that you can take the job. By completing these tasks, you charmingly get a lot of useful things that can be used to further pass the plot.

  • Mouse - action
  • Arrows - walk