Scary Teacher 2

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Scary Teacher 2
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Scary Teacher 2

A very scary game, but the truth is that this genre is very popular among game lovers. The name of this game is Scary Teacher 3D 2, and you probably already know this game, because you played the first part, which became very popular. According to the plot, here you will need to help a little girl who is still in school to annoy the antagonist as much as possible. This is not unreasonably obvious, because the teacher beat and insulted the schoolgirl, so it is important to get even with her in order to maintain balance. Fate helped you a lot, because now Miss T will live next to you, and this will help you a lot in finding her. Here everything will start with the fact that you broke into her house, but she did not know about it, and now it will be possible to deal with her.

How to play?

It is actually quite easy to play and you will definitely master the gameplay. Take control of a little girl and help her find a very evil teacher in a big mansion. She's wearing a red jacket and her hair is tousled so you can't tell where she is. Keep in mind that if she sees you, she will quickly head towards you, so you will definitely have to act. Your statistics will be displayed on the screen, so you can accurately control your progress.

  • Mouse - overview and action
  • Arrows - walk