Alternate Watch

Ratings: 6 (average 4 from 5)
Alternate Watch
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Alternate Watch

Alternate Watch is an interesting horror game in which you will need to help the main character to track mystical phenomena. In order to keep track of the events and anomalies happening there you will need to use surveillance cameras.  It is important to move through different rooms to observe there for various objects and objects. Maybe something strange will happen to them. Control all the strange processes, because it is important to be successful in this game. They can also manifest themselves in the form of loud and strange sounds, as well as in the form of unidentified phenomena. Look for places where there will be shining light of a completely different color, maybe in this will be the clues to complex situations. Be attentive to the little things and objects that you find in each of the rooms.

How to play?

You will have to solve very difficult problems, where you will need to apply intelligence. In fact, you are a detective who is trying to explore the normal terrain. Be careful, because in every place you can wait for danger that you could not foresee in advance. Each quest in the game carries a lot of mysteries that you will have to solve during gameplay. The presence of a huge number of enemies and monsters will definitely participate in your heartbeat. If you would be afraid of a lot, it would be better not to play.

  • Mouse - action
  • Arrows - walk