Garten of Banban Games

Mysterious events took place in an ordinary kindergarten. You can find out about it in Garten of Banban games, where you will have to investigate the mysterious disappearance of people. All parts of the famous horror game are available on the page, as well as many interesting bonus games that you will definitely enjoy. According to the plot, when the parents came to get their children, it turned out that no one was there. This fact horrified everyone, so it is necessary to urgently try to find out what really happened. There is information that this kindergarten has a dungeon, which is inhabited by scary monsters. It will be necessary to find out if this is true, or if there is no dungeon under the kindergarten. Of the monsters that are there, BanBan can definitely be singled out. This is a red monster, quite determined, so it is better not to joke with him. Most likely, he was one of the initiators to kidnap people from the kindergarten.

When you get into the dungeon of this ill-fated kindergarten, then be always concentrated, because danger can await from any side. Unfortunately, getting into the dungeon was problematic, because you wanted to get there by elevator. It so happened that the elevator collapsed, so you got some injuries. That didn't stop you from starting to explore the area. Under the ground is very scary and there are constantly some sounds. Your task is to find out what is going on here. It will also be important to figure out what kind of monsters kidnapped all the people from the kindergarten. Try not to get in their faces, because you may have problems. The more information you can find out in this area, the better for you. All games located on this page are completely free.

The area in which you are colorful. All around are chairs of different colors. Red, blue, green, yellow and many other colors of the rainbow. On the walls you can see beautiful pictures, but, however, with a little strange content. Play games on this page you can in online mode without downloading to your computer. The plot of the game is very simple. Controls will be easy, so you will have a lot of fun spending time in this colorful dungeon with scary antagonists. All the tasks you will have to perform will appear on the screen, so read carefully what will be written. Good luck, be careful!