Henry Stickmin Games

Here are the Henry Stickmin games in which you will need to help the main character solve various difficult situations that he regularly gets into. The creator of these beautiful games is Marcus Bromander, who previously released each series of these collections in flash format. Initially, these games appeared on the famous website Newgrounds. In total there are 5 parts of this wonderful story, but also on this page there are fan versions of games that are also very interesting to play. The graphics of each game is made in a cartoon style, so it will be very funny and exciting for you to play. You will constantly be faced with difficult situations in which you will have to make a strong-willed decision in order to solve the problem.

What are the pieces from the Henry Stickmin collection?

  • Stealing the Diamond - in this interesting part, you will need to help Stickman steal a well-protected diamond.
  • Breaking the Bank - try to find a way to rob the bank as efficiently as possible, although it is extremely difficult to do this.
  • Fleeing the Complex - it will be very difficult for you to leave the places where the prisoners are kept, but you should try to do it.
  • Escaping the Prison - Escaping the prison is extremely difficult, but Henry Stickmin is very agile, so there are chances.
  • Infiltrating the Airship - if you manage to penetrate this flying object, then you will complete the main task.

How to play?

The features of each game will be that when you are in some location, you will have several options for actions that you can carry out. Only one action will be correct, and all the rest will lead to the fact that you lose. You have an unlimited number of attempts, so try every possible option to find the best action. All games are unlocked, so you can play Henry Stickmin online without a flash player.