Escaping the Prison

Ratings: 6 (average 4.8 from 5)
Escaping the Prison
Played: 1801
Escaping the Prison

An amazing plot of the game in which you will need to escape from prison. Apparently, the little man was put in jail for absolutely no good reason. For this reason, the stickmin you control will try to escape from places for prisoners. It will be extremely difficult to escape, but you will definitely be able to if you are very attentive to the little things on the way. The events of the game begin with what you see in the cell for prisoners. One day, two guards came to you and told you that a parcel had arrived at your address. Very surprisingly, they gave this package to you, so you have the opportunity to open it and see what is there. Perhaps there is something valuable that will help you get out into the wild.

How to play?

This game is very easy to play, because you only need one mouse to control it. Know for sure that there will be many different obstacles on the way, so you will have to overcome them. There are several options for the development of events, so choose in each specific situation what you like best. On the way there will be many guards, a teleporter, logic puzzles - all this you will need in order to complete the task.

  • Arrows - move