Handless Millionaire

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Handless Millionaire
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Handless Millionaire

The game in front of you is called Handless Millionaire and this is where you will have a chance to become a real millionaire. This game is based on the famous quiz game in which you have to answer 15 questions. Here, too, 15 steps to a million, but you will not be asked questions. You will have to put your hand through a special device that can cut off your hand. A dollar bill will be attached to a string behind this device. Your task is to pick up this dollar bill very quickly. Keep in mind that if you fail, then a sharp blade will completely cut off your hand. This is where your journey to becoming a millionaire ends. The more levels you can pass, the more difficult it will be to pick up hanging bills. In order to place your hand, you will need to press the Go button, which is located on the screen.

How to play?

The gameplay is very simple, because you only need to press one button. The essence of the game is to deceive the blade, which sometimes falls on the stump. Meanwhile, in order for you to become a little richer, there is a fear that your hand will be cut off. If you make a deft action with your hand, then you will certainly have a dollar bill in your hand. Previously, this game stopped working, but now we can say that Handless Millionaire game is unlocked again. The game is very fun, but if you fail, it definitely won't be fun.

  • Mouse - action