Paper Flight

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Paper Flight
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Paper Flight

Here you can play the game Paper Flight online in which you will need to do everything in order to help the plane fly as far as possible. This process is very complicated, but interesting. In order to make the plane fly forward you need to take it and then launch it through the air. Try to adjust the strength and direction of the flight in order to achieve the maximum result in the flight of this aircraft. During the flight, it will be possible to collect stars. Each collected stars is a certain number of bonuses. Therefore, the higher the number, the better your result will be in the end. Do not forget that with each subsequent level it will be more and more difficult for you, so gain experience.

How to play?

In order to start playing you need to click on the start button. After that, you will have a large list of levels in front of you. Choose the first level and after that you move to the area where the main actions will take place. In addition to ordinary coins, it is also important to collect bonuses. This game is finally unlocked so play it online.

  • Mouse - launch a paper plane