Geometry Jump

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Geometry Jump
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Geometry Jump

Incredibly interesting Geometry Jump game online in which you will control a square running fast along a difficult road with obstacles. The world you are in is painted in neon colors, and this makes the events taking place even more colorful. The square that you control will move on its own, and you will only need to jump over obstacles that will appear on your way. Most often, there will be spikes as obstacles - there are a lot of them here, so try to jump over them as skillfully as possible. Sometimes it will be very difficult, but you can definitely cope with the will to win. Some obstacles can be jumped over, some will have to fly over, and some sections of the road will have to be walked on the roof, which is contrary to the laws of physics. In order to understand how many distances you have already covered, look at the top of the screen there will be an indicator of what is happening.

How to play?

Just press the start button and after that you will appear at the start of your journey. You need a very quick and deft click on the mouse button. If you have a good reaction, then you will surely be able to complete missions successfully. The further you get, the more difficult the obstacles that you will need to overcome will be, so gain experience that you will definitely need in the future. There are many locations available in the menu, but some of them are closed for now, so be patient and start going through them step by step.

  • Mouse click - jump