Bad Ice Cream

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Bad Ice Cream
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Bad Ice Cream

Here is the game Bad Ice Cream, in which you will need to help the hardened ice cream find fruit. This online game was developed by Nitrome. Finally, it has become working again, because now it will be possible to play it without a flash player. Skillful developers have unlocked it so you can play online in your browser without downloading to your computer. According to the plot, the story begins with the fact that an accident occurred at the factory where ice cream was produced. Because of this, some types of ice cream now lack fruit, and for this reason they have come to life and brutalized. They really wanted to be like all other types of ice cream, so they went in search of fruit. In the process of searching, they found one village in which there were fruits, but very scary creatures lived in this village and guarded these fruits. Your task is to try to take away these fruits from them. The game can be played with 2 players, so if there is a friend nearby, then play together - it will be more fun.

How to play?

In order to start playing you will need to select the game mode: for one player or for two players. After that, you get to the menu where you will need to select a mission. Only the first one is immediately open, and you will need to open all the rest. During the game, try to collect fruits faster than monsters. The screen will display the statistics of your gaming achievements, so watch carefully. You have 2 minutes to complete each level, so hurry up, it's very important. The HTML5 version of Bad Ice Cream has much better graphics. Good game!

  • 1 player: arrows - control, Space - break or build blocks
  • 2 player: a, s, d, w - control, F - break or build blocks