City Smash

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City Smash
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City Smash

If you're more into creating than destroying, then this game probably isn't for you at all. This game is called City Smash and the main goal of this game is to destroy the city and the buildings in front of you. To do this you have many different types of weapons. These are primarily missiles, bombs, big rocks, small arms and many more. In each mission you will need to do everything possible to clean up the entire area from the buildings that stand on the surface. To make the destruction of buildings as effective as possible, you will need to use your weapon of choice accurately and with the right force. All the destruction will be as realistic as possible, so enjoy the gameplay.

How to play?

To start destroying buildings, you will need to choose the type of weapon and then use it. This process is rather complicated, but you will definitely be able to do everything effectively. Weapons can be improved so that the destruction will be more and more powerful and effective. The further you get in the missions, the harder it will be to complete your tasks.

  • Mouse - action