Kick the Buddy 2

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Kick the Buddy 2
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Kick the Buddy 2

A very interesting online game Kick the Buddy 2, in which you will need to beat the doll in order to relieve stress. If you are very tired at work, school, college or you just had a bad day, then welcome to this anti-stress game. The essence of the game is to destroy the mannequin using various weapons or other improvised means. The process is very interesting, so proceed with great enthusiasm. All sorts of tools will be placed on the screen, with the help of which you will conduct experiments on the doll. Each doll will have a life bar that you will need to completely destroy in order to complete the level. The further you go through the mission, the more weapons you will open. With each subsequent level it will be more difficult to pass.

How to play?

Immediately you get to the menu where you can press the start button. After that, you will be shown a small instruction on the screen, which will show you what you will need to do during the gameplay. With the money earned from hitting the dummy, it will be possible to purchase new high-quality weapons. Hits on the mannequin will need to be applied using mouse clicks. The more and more often you click on the mouse cursor, the faster and better you will defeat your opponent. Good luck with this interesting game!

  • Mouse - action