School Games 444

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School Games 444
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School Games 444

Before you is School Games 444 in which, according to the plot, the main actions will take place at school. Every child in childhood goes to school, and this is a mandatory action, because education is very important. If you play games about school, then it is not only useful, but also interesting. Specifically, here, according to the plot, you will play for the famous nubik. You could meet this hero more than once in minecraft. Your task is to complete all the tasks that the developers of this game came up with. At some points, you will need to complete tasks given at school, and sometimes even do homework. True, it looks a little different, but how exactly - you'll see later.

How to play?

In order to start playing this game you will need to click on the strat button. After that, you appear on the playground, where all the main events will take place. It is important to understand that there will be a lot of enemies, so you will have to do everything in order to destroy this enemy force with the help of the means that are given to you.

  • Mouse - action