Mr. Tomatos Games

This page contains the famous game Mr. Tomatos in which you can play online and completely free. The developers of this beautiful game is a company OXTORD games. At first glance, this game may seem very old, but it is absolutely not. The fact that it is specifically made in the style of flash games that have stopped being supported by modern browsers for several years. That is, we can say that this style of game is the author's idea, and it looks very peculiar today. Your main task in this game is to feed the tomato, which is in front of you with food and mixtures. It is very important to make the tomato happy, you can not allow him to become angry, but he will become angry only if you will feed not enough. Keep in mind that the main character is very hungry, so his only desire is to eat, he practically wants nothing else at the moment.

To be full means to be happy.

If you want the game to turn from the usual food simulator into the real horror game, just forget to give tomato a couple of times to eat. His anger changes index from 1 to 10. Do not allow this index to approach 10, because then it will be difficult to hold back the anger of the protagonist. During the game all the statistics will be at the top left side of the screen, so pay attention there more often. There is another way to make tomato angry, and it is simple to do, if you are feeding him not with the food you like. Sometimes there will be funny moments in the game that will definitely be able to increase your insistence during the gameplay. This tomato has special features, as it has eyes, a mouth, and an unusual appearance. If one were to find one somewhere in the garden, one would immediately faint. He is certainly cute, but it would be a little scary to be near him.

Where do you get new kinds of food?

Some types of food you have right away on the table or in the cupboard. The further you get, the more money you will have with which you can buy unusual foods in the store. Sometimes you will come across bags that will contain food, but you do not know what is there, so it will be a secret, for the tomato. The whole gameplay will be accompanied by fun sound effects. All games that are located on this page do not need to download to your computer, and it is very convenient for the player.