FNF Mr Tomatos

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FNF Mr Tomatos
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FNF Mr Tomatos

When a character becomes too famous, he very quickly appears in the famous Friday Night Funkin game series. Mr. Tomato has become very interesting among children and even adults, so it is not surprising that he appeared as one of the characters in this famous game. In the original game, you played as a regular participant in the musical battles of Boyfriend. The opponent previously was a famous rocker, who is also the father of the girl you like. Now you will, as before, play for the Boyfriend, but your opponent will be the same tomato, which has an eye and a mouth. Your task is to beat him in a musical battle. This one is difficult, but if you're more accurate to the beat of the music playing on stage.

How to play?

Gameplay FNF Mr Tomatos online is pretty clear and easy, because you will need to take control of the player and just click on the arrows on the keyboard. If you can do it in time and accurately, then you'll definitely have a much higher chance to win. A lot of new tracks to be played, you will need to learn in order to be competitive on stage.

  • Arrows - sing songs