FNF VS Garcello

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FNF VS Garcello
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FNF VS Garcello

The new character who will become your opponent is called Garcello. Previously, few people knew about it, because it was created quite recently by developers: Atsuover and Rageminer. The main feature of this green man is that he has a very bad habit - smoking cigarettes. It is very harmful, but he does not listen to anyone and smokes more and more. If you look at his face, then there are no eyes, that is, they are not visible, otherwise, most likely, they are. Another of his features can be called the presence of a hat. This Friday Night Funkin mod will make Boyfriend enter the music scene again to take on the enemy in an uncompromising battle. In order to defeat the enemy, you will need to skillfully perform compositions, and if you manage to do this, then you will definitely win.

How to play?

It's actually very simple, because in FNF you will have to do everything to sing a song better than the enemy in front of you. There are two modes: story and free play, so choose the one you like best. In order to be a successful and strong performer of compositions, you just need to press the arrows on the keyboard on time and accurately.

  • Keyboard arrows - sing songs
  • +- volume