FNF vs Banban

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FNF vs Banban
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FNF vs Banban

Great game FNF vs Banban in which was combined two genres at once: horror and indie. All the action will take place in a kindergarten. There you will meet different heroes, such as Banban. This is an externally very scary monster with whom you will be singing songs. In the kindergarten has never come the main characters from the famous Friday Night Funkin game. Today is the big day, when you will see how Boyfriend and Girlfriend will come to the creepy kindergarten. You will be playing as in previous mods as Boyfriend, and against you will be a red monster named Banban. This kindergarten is very scary for the reason that one day the parents came to get their kids and suddenly everyone was missing. Most likely, all the people are missing because of Banban, who is a secret visitor. There are toys scattered around, and the colorful chairs for the children are well catching the eye. These chairs were the ones the children liked to sit on.

How to play?

In order to get all the children and their parents back to kindergarten you will need to battle it out against Banban. You will play as the Boyfriend who already has very good experience in performing songs on stage. In this mod you will encounter many new songs that have been added to the game. In order to successfully sing the songs you will need to hit the keyboard arrows in time and accurately to get to the beat of the song.

  • Arrows - sing songs