FNF vs Little Man

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FNF vs Little Man
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FNF vs Little Man

In Friday Night Funkin will again have to face a new opponent. This time it will be even more difficult for you, because Little man will be against you. You, as before, will try to help win by playing as the Boyfriend. Your main character already has a lot of experience, so we can definitely say that the battle will be legendary. You must understand for yourself that, despite the small size of the antagonist, he is pretty good in musical competitions. In order to start, choose a game mode, and there are 2 of them. This is, first of all, a training game, and general regime. Keep in mind that there are a lot of different songs in this mod that you didn’t know about before, so it will not always work to get into the rhythm.

How to play?

To be honest, everything is very simple, because you just need to enter the music scene and fight in the music competition against the famous Little Man. During the gameplay, Girlfriend will sit on the column between the players and watch what is happening. The members are motivated by this and they continue to perform songs better and better. Your success in the game will be determined by how deftly you will be able to hit the arrows on the keyboard when the situation requires it.

  • Keyboard arrows - sing songs