FNF vs Roblox

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FNF vs Roblox
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FNF vs Roblox

Roblox has been popular for years, but recently Friday Night Funkin has become just as popular. In the game in front of you, these two directions are successfully combined, so that fans of these two games will be satisfied. Keep in mind that the Boyfriend will be visiting the heroes from the pixel platformer, so it's a little more difficult for them. The main task in this game is to skillfully sing the songs that will be heard on the music scene. In the game fnf Bloxxing you will have the opportunity to choose your opponent, there are three of them. Speaking by name, they are called like this: Guest, Noob and Bacon. Each hero is endowed with special characteristics, so we advise you to try playing for all three in turn - you will definitely be interested.

How to play?

Before you go to the start, you will be offered two modes: educational game and Story Mode. In the first mode, you will simply practice singing. In the second, you will need to take turns defeating opponents on the stage. The girl is still listening to music, sitting on the speaker between the players. We will reveal to you a very interesting secret, the essence of which is that you have to fight against one opponent, and this is something new, but you will definitely enjoy the battle.

  • Keyboard arrows - sing songs
  • +- volume

Controls Level “The Guest Strategy”:

  • A, d - movement
  • W, s - jump and duck
  • 1, 2 - attack
  • 3 - restore health