FNF Multiplayer

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FNF Multiplayer
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FNF Multiplayer

For a long time, the game Friday Night Funkin has become very popular. A lot of mods have appeared on this topic with various famous main characters from cartoons, games, as well as from real life. For example, various Internet bloggers from social networks very often appear in the lead roles as participants in a musical battle. Boyfriend is a regular participant in battles that are held very often in different locations, where in order to win you will need to press the keyboard arrows. Before you is a multiplayer FNF where you can play for 2 players, that is, against real players. Try any opponent who will be on the same stage to strike on the spot with his singing rhythm.

How to play?

In order to click play in PvP mode, you need to invite a friend. After that, choose one by one for yourself who to play for, then decide on the location where the confrontation will take place. Think together about the track that will play during your game. Then proceed to the actual gameplay. From the very beginning, the song will sound, you will need to press the arrows on the keyboard in time and accurately, and then you will definitely be able to win.

  • 1 player - arrows
  • 2 player - a, s, d, w