Beat Battle

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Beat Battle
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Beat Battle

Beat Battle is an interesting music game in which you will need to sing songs on stage. This is done as part of rap battles, so you will need to out-sing your opponent on stage. The game's plot is monotonous, but it is very addictive with uncompromising battles. The type of the game is very similar to FNF, so you will understand how to play without any additional instructions. The game can be played online, so there is no need to download to your computer. It is very convenient and saves your precious time. On the stage, you will need to sing the usual songs, the ones you listen to in mp3. Of course, the songs here will be completely different, which you have never heard before. There is a mode in which you will need to freestyle, that is to improvise a text to the beat without having prepared the text in advance.

How to play?

Great game, where you have to try to perform famous songs. If you will be able to hit the beat, then you will definitely be able to outplay your counterpart on the stage. Keep in mind that the opponent is perfectly prepared, so you have to be serious about what is happening. The beat-makers are trying their best, so there is a lot of beautiful and fashionable music in the game, including hip-hop style. Visually, the game somewhat resembles the rap battle 8 mile, in which the famous rappers perform, demonstrating their skills of rapid reading.

  • Arrows - sing songs