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An interesting game Friday Night Funkin never ceases to please its fans with new mods. This time the legendary Sans came to visit Boyfriend. This guy came out of the dungeon to fight a musical battle with a strong and experienced opponent. Describing Sans is very simple - this is an ordinary skeleton, but apparently, if he is alive, then not quite ordinary. The game has two game modes, story mode and training mode. If the battle takes place in a dungeon, then it will definitely be difficult for you. A friend will support you so that you have a better chance of winning. The opponent will also have support, and these are most likely demons from his own dungeon. And this means that the fight will be difficult and uncompromising, so tune in seriously.

How to play?

Once you have chosen the desired game mode, you go straight to the battlefield. Rumor is very important here, because if you don’t have it, then most likely the antagonist will outplay you. It is important to understand that for the successful performance of songs, it is important to accurately and timely press the arrows on the keyboard. A full week is available in the game, so choose any of the 7 days that suits you and start the gameplay. The game is fully unblocked, so play without downloading directly on the site. Be as concentrated as possible and then you will definitely win the battle in the open spaces of FNF against Ink Sans.

  • Keyboard arrows - sing songs
  • +- - volume