Bad Time Simulator

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Bad Time Simulator
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Bad Time Simulator

This is a very popular game called Bad Time Simulator in which you will have to take part in interesting dungeon adventures. In the wonderful game Undertale. You will play as an antagonist. This is not such a popular phenomenon, because, as a rule, we play for the protagonist in all games, that is, for the side of good. Playing for the side of evil is, of course, a bad thing, but if you do it only in the game, then you can try. This game is finally unlocked so it can be played online. The main character of this game will, of course, be the legendary Sans. In addition to him, in the game you will repeatedly meet other heroes, so get ready to meet them. The game will have many game modes that you can choose from the menu. To be more precise, these are such modes as: Normal, Practice, Endless, Single Attack, Custom Attack. During the gameplay, you will need to choose according to which scenario events will develop.

How to play?

In order to start playing Bad Time Simulator you will need to select a game mode. After you have chosen, you will need to think about which dungeon monster to make friends with, and which one to start a fight with. Throughout each battle, you will have communication with your enemies, so read carefully what exactly they are trying to tell you. There will be a lot of different data on the screen that will be very important to you. This is, first of all, an indicator of how many lives you have left. It will also show what level you are at, as well as what level your opponent is at.

  • Arrows - move
  • Enter - Select