Serenity Sims 4

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Serenity Sims 4
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Serenity Sims 4

A very interesting Serenity Sims 4 game in which you will need to arrange your personal life, and after that create a family. This is the fourth, in fact, part of the famous series of games. Life simulator is a very interesting gameplay where you find yourself in a big world in which everything is like in real life. The main action will take place in the city, so if you yourself live in the city, then you will be familiar. Even if you are from a small town, this only means that you will be interested in conquering a large metropolis. The main task in the end of this game is to make the character you play as happy. Keep in mind that other players will also be in the big world with you, so some of them will be your competitors in life.

How to play?

In order to start playing this wonderful game, you will need to create your character. It could be a girl or a guy. Go shopping for clothes, visit beauty salons, make friends and girlfriends. Also, do not forget that you need to build relationships in which you will be interested.

  • Mouse - action