MS. Lemons 2

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MS. Lemons 2
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MS. Lemons 2

Anyone who loves puzzle games should definitely play the game Ms lemons 2, because here you can definitely have an interesting time. The antagonist of this game by the name of Miss Lemon will be bothering you a lot with various difficult questions. Certainly, you will have to try to answer them correctly, because otherwise you will simply lose. Lemon is very sour fruit, so it won't be easy to outplay him in a difficult fight. It looks very strange, because it has eyes as well as a mouth through which it is able to eat other food. Keep in mind that if you give wrong answers to questions, you will definitely be punished by a very strict antagonist with a complex character. Generally it is in this game she will act as a teacher, so try to listen to her carefully, so that you don't have to ask her a question later.

How to play?

This is a simple game with primitive graphics, but it arouses a great interest among players. Press the start button to start the gameplay. In order to shop and upgrade your main character you will need to click on the store button. One of the most popular tasks for you will be solving math examples. Some questions will be too difficult, so think carefully a few times before giving an answer.

  • Mouse - action