Wall Kickers

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Wall Kickers
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Wall Kickers

Very dynamic and interesting game Wall Kickers in which you will need to jump quickly on the walls. This process is very difficult, because due to the law of gravity any object always falls down. To be successful you will need to bypass the laws of physics. This is a very difficult task, but you are sure to cope. You will be playing as a little monkey. By nature, these cute animals have developed the skill of climbing trees and vines. Why not try to use this skill in this game? During gameplay, there will be many obstacles that won't allow you to simply climb tall buildings up walls. If you fall down, the high is too high and you can just die, so be careful. The game has many levels that you can play online and for free on this site.

How to play?

Gameplay is very simple and entertaining, so that almost everyone can succeed. You need to quickly jump from one wall to another, thereby pushing away from them. By inertia due to contraction of the muscles you will be climbing up. This is what you need, so make a lot of such repetitions, and you'll get the task. The higher you climb, the more various obstacles will prevent you from completing the task. Good luck!

  • Mouse - jumping