Granny Chapter Two

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Granny Chapter Two
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Granny Chapter Two

People are very fond of playing horror games, and Granny's grandmother has recently become one of the flagships of such games. This is a grandmother who is very similar to a zombie, she also has eyes without pupils. According to the plot, everything here is very interesting, because you will play as the main character, who ended up in a large abandoned house, which is located deep in the thicket of the forest. Naturally, when your hero saw this hut, he went into it out of curiosity. A brave guy, however, but the more interesting it will be, so get ready for a very scary adventure. Previously, the grandmother was not known, we can say that she is a new character in the games. When you are in the house, she will constantly follow you to look. Therefore, the quieter you walk around the area, the higher the chance you will survive and feel normal.

How to play?

You appear in a large house, which has a very creepy atmosphere. There are a lot of closed doors that you will need to somehow open. To do this, there are scattered keys throughout the house. If you hear Granny's steps, that she will approach you, you will have to hide somewhere instantly. It can be behind the door, behind the closet, or under the bed. During the gameplay, it is important to pick up other useful items and somehow tease the antagonist.

  • Mouse - action
  • Arrows - move