Clicker Heroes

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Clicker Heroes
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Clicker Heroes

Before you is the Clicker Heroes game, in which you will need to confront various monsters. They are very strong, so the battle will be uncompromising, where the strongest will win and the weakest will lose. It will be possible to play with one mouse, so you can not use the keyboard, which is very convenient. In front of you is a small piece of land where active actions will take place. Various monsters will appear on this land, which you will need to destroy. To do this is quite simple, because you just need to click on them and you will succeed. After you kill the next monster, a gold coin will fall next to it, which you will need to pick up - this is your reward. In the future, you will need to use these coins in order to strengthen your main character. Thanks to the craftsmen, the game is finally hacked, so you can play it online without a flash player.

How to play?

Clicker Heroes is unblocked so play this amazing turn based game without limits. With each successful battle, it will become more and more difficult to play, because the monsters will become more and more difficult. The screen displays various statistics that are useful to you in order to navigate whether you are playing well or badly. On the right there will be a table where there is a list of heroes that you can purchase to make your army stronger. Use all your gold wisely to increase the strength of the army.

  • Mouse - action