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Woodoku is an exciting online word game in which you will have to think carefully with your head. The passage of such games is a great joy, because it is very exciting, and also useful for brain development. There is a certain similarity between this game and Sudoku, in which you have definitely heard at least once, because it is more famous. The playing field on which you will play consists of 10x10 cells. Below this field, auxiliary blocks will be given that you will need to substitute for existing blocks in order to fill the line horizontally or vertically completely. The further you go, the harder it will be for you to do it right. The same applies to increasing speed, so train not just correctness, but also speed.

How to play?

Just take blocks of different shapes that are located below and substitute them logically in the place where, in your opinion, it is not enough. As soon as you can complete a line of ten dice, whether horizontally or vertically, it will explode and you will be awarded points.

  • Mouse - action