Super Mario Flash

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Super Mario Flash
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Super Mario Flash

The famous game that people have been playing for over twenty years. Starring the same Super Mario, who will walk around familiar locations to get to the flag. It's great that the developers were finally able to restore access to the game, because after turning off the flash player, it became impossible to play. There are many levels in the game, so go through them one by one until you go through the whole story. During the passage, there will be many different enemies on your way, which you can destroy if you jump on them from above. Don't forget to collect gold coins as you move around the area that you need in order to complete the level at a high level. Your character's name is Luigi, so he is most likely an Italian plumber.

How to play?

In order to start playing you will need to take control of the main character of the game and start playing. Select the first mission after which the gameplay will begin. As you progress, you will encounter many monsters that can damage you, so be careful and always get ahead of yourself. Coins can be knocked out of brick blocks, as well as from a block on which a question mark is drawn. In order to get a lot of useful bonuses, you can fall into the sewers. The game also has a level editor where you can create any location.

  • Arrow keys - walk and jump