Alphabet Lore Maker

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Alphabet Lore Maker
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Alphabet Lore Maker

Recently, the letters Alphabet Lore have become very popular. Here is a game in which you can create this beautiful alphabet yourself. The game is called Alphabet Lore Maker, so you have the option to customize each letter individually. It will be possible to change the shape of the letter, the size of the eyes, lips, as well as the color, as well as many other things. Do everything to make each letter look beautiful and colorful. The gameplay will be accompanied by interesting music, so you will have fun and joy. It is important to understand that this letter editor is quite simple, but something is better than nothing.

How to play?

In order to start playing, you will need to click on various buttons, as well as adjust other indicators. The more changes you can make to a letter, the more unusual the whole alphabet will look. Also remember that you can choose, I love the letter. You can change letters using the arrow keys on your keyboard.


The three buttons under the number keys change size,and rotation.

For example: Under 1, the eyes, Q changes size up, and a makes them smaller. and Z flips them.