Alphabet Lore 3D

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Alphabet Lore 3D
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Alphabet Lore 3D

Before you is a very interesting game Alphabet Lore 3D, in which you will get acquainted with very interesting letters. The fact is that they are alive, and this is a rarity for letters from the alphabet. Most often, when we read books, the letters are just drawn, but in this game they came to life, and this is a real miracle. The most amazing thing is that each of the letters from this alphabet has eyes, as well as a mouth. They can express emotions and also talk, which is a little scary at first, but then you get used to it and start listening to them carefully. You will need to control the letter P, which will rapidly run forward along the distance. She will be hindered on the way by other letters from the alphabet, as well as obstacles, of which there are a lot. The game has two game modes: for two players and for one.

How to play?

In order to start playing you will need to select a game mode. After that, you appear on the playground, and the gameplay begins. By and large, you only need to jump in time and skillfully, so that all the obstacles from the letters that will be on the way cannot prevent you from completing all the tasks.

  • Up Arrow - Jump