Alphabet Lore Run

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Alphabet Lore Run
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Alphabet Lore Run

A very interesting Merge Alphabet Lore Run game online in which you will get to know your favorite letters. Now in order to learn the alphabet you just need to play games. Each letter can speak and looks like a living one. Each letter has eyes, so you can see that the whole alphabet came to life. This is a very dynamic game, so you will need to quickly run forward in order to run as far as possible. You will play as the first letter of the alphabet A. She has high speed and plans to run as far as possible over the distance. Various obstacles, as well as other letters from the alphabet, will interfere with your path. In order to overcome these obstacles you will need to jump. While running, you will be accompanied by cheerful music that will improve your mood.

How to play?

In order to start playing you will need to press the start button. Therefore, in order to collect and combine the entire alphabet, you will need to quickly run forward along the road. This game has 2D graphics, so you have to move from left to right. In order to understand what distance you have already been able to run, you will need to look at the data on the screen located at the top left.

  • Up Arrow/Space - Jump