Text Or Die

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Text Or Die
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Text Or Die

Very interesting game to train your mind. Everything is built in a playful way, so you can combine business with pleasure. The essence of the game is that in front of you you see three people who will compete for speed and who will be the first to reach the finish line. In order for your character that you control to have high speed and quickly make your way through obstacles, you need to quickly answer the questions that the game will ask you. These may be questions from different categories, but, as a rule, these are simple children's brain training questions. You will need to use the keyboard to enter the correct answer, in your opinion, and if it really is, then your main character will quickly be able to run further.

Game features

The further you run through the course, the more likely it is that the questions will become more and more difficult. Do not lose heart about this, because brain training is the most important component of human development. The faster you answer the question, the more likely you are to overtake opponents on the right and left.

  • Keyboard - answers to questions