Pico Park Multiplayer

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Pico Park Classic
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Pico Park Classic

The famous Pico Park multiplayer game familiar to everyone. This time you have a classic version, the one that was from the very beginning of the project. The game belongs to the category of indie games, so don't be surprised that it has minimalistic graphics and everything is pixelated. Your task in this game is to take control of the main character and help him get to the exit. Of course, it will be extremely difficult to do this, but you must try in order to succeed. You will help little cats, so treat them as best as you can and be kind to them. At first, the levels will be pretty simple, but the further you get through the level, the more obstacles will prevent you from achieving success.

How to play?

Just press the start button, and after that you can start. In the first level, you just need to get to the door without obstacles. In the second it is already more difficult, because there will be spikes that you will need to jump over. Go through sequentially, maybe you will be able to go through the whole story.

  • Keyboard arrows - move
  • Z - jump