Dead Drunk

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Dead Drunk
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Dead Drunk

Here is a great Dead Drunk game in which you will need to help a stickman get out of a high-rise building. Recently this game was unavailable, but now you can be sure that the game Dead Drunk is unlocked and can now be played without a flash player. The plot begins with the fact that you are in the office where the main character worked. Apparently, it's Friday, and so he stayed up a bit at work, but at the same time he decided to celebrate the end of the working week. According to his condition, it is clear that he drank something alcoholic, so he stands very poorly on his feet. Your task is to help him get out of this building. It is important that when you exit you can walk normally, because you can just fall to the floor and then you have to try to get up, or start the mission again.

How to play?

Try using the keyboard arrows to move forward. To begin with, you will need to enter the elevator, and this is a big problem, because the stability on your feet is very weak. It will also be very difficult to walk up and down stairs, and you will see this in practice when you go up or down. During the gameplay, you will be accompanied by a very famous musical composition, which will be performed by Lady Gaga. By the way, when you fall, your health can be severely damaged. To restore it, find a bottle of alcohol and drink it.

  • Arrow keys - walk
  • Spacebar - jump