Brotato Unblocked

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Brotato Unblocked
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Brotato Unblocked

When you want to play a simple game, the game is perfect Brotato, where you have to do everything to survive under the onslaught of enemy forces. Finally, thanks to the skilful developers of the game, which is in front of you unblocked, and it will be possible to play online. The plot of this game is to help the main character to survive as long as possible. You find yourself in an absolutely hostile terrain, where you can only rely on yourself. In the original version of the game you have to play as an ordinary potato. Here in the main roles will be the crab, that barks at the bottom of the ocean. The essence of the game is the same, because you will need to survive as long as possible. The longer you can survive on time, the more points you earn. Statistics of your game will be displayed on the screen on the right and above.

How to play?

To start you will just have to click on the start button. After this you will appear in a special location where there will be active actions. Shooting and weapons will happen automatically, so you will not need to press any additional buttons to destroy your enemies.  Level up your main character to be able to kill more opponents. Before you level up, you'll be asked to choose one of three bonus upgrades.

  • Arrows - movement