People Playground

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People Playground
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People Playground

Here is a very interesting game that you can play online. The essence of the game is to take control of the dummies and begin to conduct various experiments with them. The graphics in this game are pixelated, and this gives interest to the game, because recently it has become popular in new games. Go through the levels one by one, but know that the further you get, the more difficult it will be to pass them. In order to carry out various experiments with mannequins, you have a choice of many different weapons, as well as other interesting items. Here, for example, in order to pass the first level, you will need to mine the area, and then throw the doll on it so that it explodes. In the future, when you get as far as possible, then you will have the opportunity to use all the items, because they will be open already.

How to play?

To get started, take a virtual mannequin and put it where you want. After that, take in your hands a weapon or other objects, and drag it to the doll. After that, you will need to click on the button and use everything that you have in mind. The structure should detonate if, for example, you mined it or if you shot it with a weapon.

  • Mouse - action