Tomb of the Mask

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Tomb of the Mask
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Tomb of the Mask

Here is the game Tomb of the Mask in which you will need to take control of a pixel man and help him get through the difficulties. It was in the labyrinth, and it is all dark, so you can definitely say that it will be very scary. After you found the secret mask, you learned how to climb walls. Considering that the labyrinth is vertical, this will be very useful for you. The first levels will be pretty simple, so you shouldn't get confused. When you go through the levels a little, it will definitely become more difficult there, so we advise you to gain experience. The game will have pixel graphics, so everything is done in the style of minimalism, and this is now very popular. While moving, you will collect gold coins. This is not all, because you still need to collect stars, and they are very valuable.

How to play?

Playing Tomb of the Mask is very simple, as you will have to take control of a little man and try to make your way through the labyrinth through the difficulties. The main goal of each level is to find a way out. During your movement, you will need to collect stars. The amount to be found is indicated at the top of the screen. The further you get, the more difficult it will be to find these treasured stars, but if you try, you will definitely do it. Between levels, you will have the opportunity to win some kind of prize, which you will definitely need in the future.

  • Arrows - move
  • Mouse - choice