Ace Gangster

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Ace Gangster
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Ace Gangster

If you have ever played the legendary GTA game, then the game Ace Gangster will remind you of it. This wonderful flash game presented on this page can be quite deservedly described as an analogue of the legendary and respected Grand Theft Auto. Kill people in the game? - Can I steal a car? - not a question, only one task after - to quickly leave the police. In order to gain authority and “weight” in your local area in gangster circles, you will need to complete various tasks: steal a car or motorcycle, rob a bank or store, kill an entrepreneur or casino owner. Thanks to skilled developers, you can play this game without a flash player. Not so long ago it was blocked, but now we can say for sure that it was unblocked.

How to play?

Playing this game is very simple, and most importantly interesting. Just press the start button and after that you will appear in the city, where the gameplay will begin. The screen, as in GTA, will show the life span, as well as a map by which you can navigate the terrain. The game is made with 2D graphics, but for this game it's even better if it was in 3D. Keep in mind, there are a lot of enemies in the city, so be careful.


Human management:

  • Movement - arrows on the keyboard or the keys W, A, S, D;
  • Take action - Space (space);
  • Choose a weapon - 1,2,3,4, etc. if there is;
  • Shot - Left mouse button;
  • Enter the building - Z.

Driving a car and a motorcycle:

  • Movement - arrows on the keyboard or the keys W, A, S, D;
  • Get out of the car, motorcycle - Space (space);
  • Nitro acceleration - N;
  • On off. radio - T;
  • Change radio frequency - R.